Aluminium Double Hung Windows in Sydney



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Aluminium Double Hung Windows in Sydney:

Aluminium city provides stylish and elegant double-hung windows in Sydney for contemporary home design. Aluminium double-hung windows provide a straightforward look that works well with various outside and interior design aesthetics. Our aluminium double-hung windows’ vertical sliding design makes ventilation simple and makes cleaning and upkeep a breeze. The double-hung window’s upward and downward sliding motion enables you to select where the airflow into the house will be directed (either through the top, bottom or both).

Aluminium City provides all of its aluminium double-hung doors and windows to the locals residing in Sydney.

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Features of aluminium double-hung windows include:

  1. Offering a maintenance-free look with a lifetime of smooth, rattling-free functioning 
  2. Allowing for effective ventilation control with air passing through the top, bottom, or both sashes 
  3. It can be set as a double sash with one sliding and one fixed or a triple sash with two moving and one fixed. 
  4. These windows have an easy lift, a finger grip groove and a key lock latch to improve security. 
  5. Multi or single sash for your particular circumstance 
  6. Materials of commercial quality for the largest window size and optimal lifetime performance 
  7. Metal key-locks for ultimate security, a range of glazing choices, including single- and double-glazed glass, undetectable spring blocks, and tackle balance 
  8. Bottom rails with grooves or an additional handle for simple operation. 

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Environment Control & Simple to Use :

While at home, you may determine how much air to let into your house by partially or fully opening them. Anyone, even young children and the elderly, may operate the windows thanks to the sash balancing mechanism. You may use the conveniently placed screws to adjust the sash tensioners effortlessly. 

Ultimate Defense & Security

These windows are fully joint-sealed, making it impossible for dust to get inside your house. It provides defence against rain and strong winds as well. Aluminium City has a provision for adding locks to all Double Hung windows; thus, you may do so. 

Best Experience:

You can also decide whether the windows have two moving sashes, one moving sash, and one fixed sash. You must be aware that if you select the multiple-sash option, the windows will open in the other direction, either up or down. You can also secure these windows while they are open. You may alternatively keep the bottom part closed and open the top half. You are in complete control

Exceptional Manufacturing :

Aluminium City ensures that every double-hung window it produces meets Australian Standards and testing criteria. As a result, the product will make customers pleased for years to come and proud of their choice to purchase double-hung windows.