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Aluminium Sliding Glass Doors In Sydney:

Our sliding doors are adaptable and robust and come with a 7-year warranty for performance assurance.

Aluminium City’s sliding doors are a perfect option for both aesthetic impact and practicality since they are designed for a smooth and modern finish. Installing the Glass Sliding Door from Aluminium City in your Sydney house will give your living space a new perspective. Property experts strongly favour these doors since they are appropriate for every area, regardless of size or shape.

Consider using insulated glass panels to save the most energy possible. These were created specifically to keep heat out in the summer and winter in Sydney. 

You can use a sliding door to create passageways that are accessible from both the interior and the outside. You may benefit from the natural light and fresh air through these doors. The minimalist style is perfect for various homes, including traditional and modern ones. 

Aluminum Sliding doors installation Process:

  • Select a time and date for installation that work for you. Our team may install your doors on Monday through Friday during regular business hours. 
  • Your doors will be delivered and assembled for you at our installation location in Sydney. 
  • The installation of your doors will get underway, starting with the bottom track. The door panels will be fitted into position and fastened to the top. 
  • Our staff will adjust the doors to ensure they are level and running smoothly once all the door panels have been installed. 
  • Then, we will remove all leftover installation-related waste and appropriately dispose of it. 
  • After that, you may relax and enjoy your brand-new aluminium sliding doors! 


Aluminium Sliding Door Configurations :

Choose the ideal configuration for your needs from various available options. The following are some of the most common arrangements for aluminium sliding doors: 

  1. The standard arrangement has two panels that move past one another. 
  2. The bypass layout enables the simultaneous opening of both doors. 
  3. For those looking to conserve space, there is the pocket design. 
  4. The door-stacking arrangement allows this. 

Our glass aluminium sliding doors come in a variety of designs and arrangements, including:

  • Two panels are included in the standard sliding door range for smaller apertures. 
  • Sliding doors with three or more panels from the Entertainer or Stacker range. 
  • A range of bi-parting sliding doors open from the centre and have four or more panels. 
  • For the ideal outdoor space, consider the Corner Sliding Door Range, which features numerous panels that open from a corner without a corner post. 
  • Our aluminium glass sliding doors also have the option of double-glazing. Double glazing can help to keep your room warm in winter and cool in summer, making for effective energy saving and climate control. 
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